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MORE WINE TO SUNSHINE! cont…(it means Napa valley to the beaches in Mexico) in case you’re just starting to read this today…March 10, 2021.

We are moving to puerto Vallarta , Mexico in 2 weeks. Driving from California in my bad ass yellow jeep! Bear too! So I think this will be about my adventures moving to another country. So, usually by now I am triple packed, but this time I haven’t even started to pack! Well, today my oldest bearded dragon, Puffer died. I love you puffy! 😢🙏❤️ I still have my 4 year old dragon named Red or Thing 2. I’ve decided to take him with us on our road trip to Mexico. Ought to be interesting ! To say the least. my jeep pit, meaning money pit, just got a new axle $$$. After getting a brand new engine, tranny, gas tank, battery, etc. you get the picture. I had to replace all these things and more 1 month after we bought it! FYI it’s a 2009 Jeep Wrangler unlimited X. Next will be the horn, idiot lights, alarm system, roof rack and comfy seats to go with my new stereo and yellow & black daisy seat covers. And my personalized license plate, jer____ . Of course my phone case has a big yellow daisy on it!!! We were going to go to Mexico by way of Baja California , but taking the ferry to the mainland just seemed way more trouble than it was worth at this time. We will do it someday. To get into Mexico , you need a passport (obviously), animals need current shots & a health certificate from your vet within 10 days before crossing the border. Your vehicle needs to be registered, smogged, insured and then with Mexico auto insurance with full coverage that is $500 per year or the 1st year. You must obtain a Mexico drivers license, have current vaccinations with a health summary from your doctor. The customs officials will check your animal(s) for any contraband and any bugs, fleas, tics, etc. and they will thoroughly check you and your vehicle, too. Of course the jeep recently didn’t pass smog until we got a new air filter. They give you a sticker to put in your windshield . Make sure you have a destination complete with address of where you’re going and be sure to have your money converted to pesos BEFORE you get there and NOT a lot of cash or flashy jewelry that’s visible or anyone even in the states will think you’re worth robbing and please don’t drive at night. Get a room. Drive on main roads and interstates during the day with limited stops unless sightseeing of course. At least learn SOME Spanish before you go, like bathroom, gas station, restaurants, hotels, etc. it’s not that hard to learn or use your translator app and/or your Spanish/English dictionary. Just make a plan, have all documents in order, ready to show at any time. You will have a more laid back, fun time if you are prepared!!! Have snacks, water, t.p. Meds with labels and a first aid kit, spare tire and flares. Your vehicle will be freshly tuned up with all liquids full and a full tank of gas. Know where all of the stops are before you go. It might not sound like a fun spur of the moment, hey let’s just drive right now to Mexico and have some fun in the sun kind of trip but you will be glad all your ducks are in a row as they say. All your i’s dotted and your t’s crossed is another one. Be smart and you’ll have a blast! And no drinking, drugs, texting while DRIVING! You want to get there alive, right? Any questions, just ask me and “better safe than sorry”. I couldn’t resist one more! See you soon….happy trails!!! 😊 jeri & bear

Bear on his beach..he thinks he owns it…
  • Some Spanish Words….
  • Por favor – please
  • Baño – bathroom or restroom
  • Dinero – money
  • Playa – beach
  • Si – yes
  • Amiga or Amigo – friend
  • Niña – girl
  • Niño – boy
  • Agua – water
  • Señorita – woman
  • Señor – man
  • Mamacita
  • Mamasoto
  • Madrā – mother
  • Padrā – father
  • Tienda
  • Autobus – auto or car
  • Siesta – nap or sleep
  • Accomodation – hotel
  • Esquela – school
  • Español – Spanish
  • Inglis – English
  • Perro – dog
  • Buenas Dias – good morning
  • Buenas tardas – good afternoon
  • Buenas noches – good evening
  • Pharmacia – pharmacy
  • Hospitel – hospital
  • Policia – police
  • Benita – pretty
  • Benito – handsome
  • Piqueto – little
  • Colchonos – mattress
  • Matrimonial – marriage bed
  • Cafe – coffee
  • Grandios – big or large
  • Quesa – cheese
  • Fruitas – fruit


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