Happy Valentine’s Day to you…

Beginners Strength Workout Training exercises


Do you have a secret soul mate?

Please don’t tell me you have a secret love…

Just Some Writerly Things The Writer In You Will Understand

So you’ve chosen to be a writer. That means getting to know procrastination on a more intimate level. That means learning to doubt your work. Also, … Just Some Writerly Things The Writer In You Will Understand

Sexy Lingerie for sale! Beautiful!

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Remember….. everyone is struggling with things no one knows about. Be kind. ♥️Remembering those we love and lost to cancer on world cancer day.♥️ Take a moment to remember them..♥️



It’s going

I don’t want to cook dinner. I bought my new bag. 🙂 https://slimages.macys.com/is/image/MCY/products/4/optimized/18754704_fpx.tif?op_sharpen=1&wid=… It’s going

Bears beach blog

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Wine to Sunshine Part 3

Sorry I haven’t written since feb. 23. That’s way too long. It’s a big part of my unintentional new life, the invisible D’s we’ll call them. I think my title W to S might be very misleading to some people. It sounds like I just quit drinking, I did but that was almost 10 yrs. READ MORE